Eats + Speaks is an LLC located in Byron, Illinois and offers a variety of in-home and community-based services for the pediatric population. We offer one-on-one and group services. Further, Eats + Speaks engages in professional collaborations and public speaking events to further its mission: empowering the whole child.

Emily Hussey, founder of Eats + Speaks, is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and a Certified Epidemic Answers Health Coach.


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Emily knew at a very young age that she was made to serve others. Her first opportunity to do this was with a young boy with Autism. She served a special education classroom as part of her weekly experience in middle and high school. This loving boy opened her eyes to this special population and forever exposed a passion to help others communicate and thrive.

After becoming a certified speech language pathologist (M.S., CCC-SLP/L), Emily began her career as a school-based speech language pathologist. She was able to gain experience serving students of all ages and abilities, while collaborating and serving on many multidisciplinary teams of professionals.

Emily’s world changed for the better after the birth of her two daughters. This started her on a journey to empower herself to be the best Mom, learning how to appropriately fuel her children for optimal health and happiness. Throughout this process, she had no idea the impact it would make on the children and young adults she would serve in the future.

As her research continued in the area of nutrition, feeding, and development, she was in awe of the power of a solid foundation and became a Certified Epidemic Answers Health Coach and began partnering with the JuicePlus+ Company, which is a nutraceutical company that has a mission to Inspire Healthy Living Around the World through whole food nutrition and aeroponic growing systems. Her trainings solidified and continued to strengthen her thoughts and previous research regarding our children’s health and development. This is when her passion to “Empower the Whole Child” spurred her into bringing Eats + Speaks to life!

Emily has a passion and mission to help educate and empower parents, caregivers, educators, and children in the areas of speech, language, feeding development, low tox living, and wellness and prevention!

Emily is blessed with her supportive, and loving husband, Matt, two daughters, and a mini-dachshund, Duke. She enjoys exercising, reading/listening (Podcast and Audible junkie over here), learning (forever learning), traveling (take me away), and being with family and friends!