The Healthy Living Revolution

Eats and Speaks is a part of The Healthy Living Revolution, which is a movement to inspire healthy living around the world! This is a wonderful resource for inspiration in the kitchen, which includes free cookbooks. It has resources to help your kiddos feel empowered with their health! Tune in for monthly wellness webinars with topics that will educate you and strengthen your knowledge in the areas of health, wellness, and prevention!

Epidemic Answers

Epidemic Answers is a wonderful resource for parents navigating the world of health and wellness for children with Autism, ADHD, autoimmune disorders, and more. Here you will be able to access information to help guide you to alternative means to helping your child thrive! Are you a therapist or parent wanting to up level and learn more? Consider the health coaching course! Contact us at Eats + Speaks to learn more regarding our experience with Epidemic Answers!

Healthy Little eaters Game

Healthy Little Eaters Game is an interactive puzzle and memory game for kids. This game truly empowers kiddos with knowledge of food and how it best supports their growing, healthy bodies!

Veggie Buds Club

Veggie Buds Club is a monthly subscription resource to help your kiddos get excited about real food! Learn to create, play, eat, and cook with a new vegetable each month!

Play with Purpose

Play with Purpose is a book designed to help parents and caregivers learn simple ways to engage with their child during daily life while enhancing his or her speech and language development. Purchase the downloadable book for easy access!