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Common Questions About Speech And Feeding Therapy

As a parent, have you ever questioned yourself or wondered whether what you're experiencing is “normal” or not? In this blog, we break down the most common questions we hear about speech and feeding therapy on a weekly (if not daily) basis from parents and caregivers like yourself. 

Should breastfeeding be painful? 

While nursing your child may be uncomfortable, especially at the beginning while the two of you are adjusting, it should not cause you excruciating pain. This is a misconception that many moms struggle with. Society has taught them that it’s completely natural to feel pain when breastfeeding your child. This is NOT the case. If you’re experiencing pain of any sort, there is likely a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. We talk more about this in another of our posts, “Watch Out For Red Flags In Your Baby’s Oral Development.”  It could be the latch, an oral tie, or other issues. A feeding therapist can complete a thorough evaluation and get to the root cause of the problem. At Eats + Speaks, our therapists work hard to provide clients with a holistic approach so the issues they face aren’t masked; they’re solved. 

A mom breastfeeding her baby at home.

Why is my baby not gaining weight?

Believe it or not, there’s likely a laundry list of reasons your little one may not gain weight. When parents hear from a care provider, it is often very concerning, and they want an immediate fix to the problem. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned care providers don’t look at the whole picture, leaving parents feeling frustrated, dismissed and looking for answers. A feeding therapist will listen to your concerns and provide a thorough assessment. They’re trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms that other care providers can miss. 

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes is a course designed by feeding therapists with parents in mind. Our post “Navigating Feeding Struggles” explains more about feeding issues. 

How do I get my child to eat more during mealtimes?

Mealtime struggles are common among parents of school-aged children. It can be frustrating when you’re constantly trying to find a meal to please everyone in your family. At Eats + Speaks, we believe mealtimes should allow your family to connect with one another. Next time you’re struggling, remember these three tips.

  • Serve your meal family style and let your child choose what they want. 

  • Allow your child to explore and have fun with their food. Give them the opportunity to play! 

  • Limit the pressure at mealtimes.

Check out our blog post “Have Fun With Food” to learn more about having fun with food.

A toddler eating spaghetti at mealtime

How can I support my child in speech or feeding therapy?

At Eats + Speaks, we encourage parents to participate in their child’s therapy actively. When parents are involved, this tends to have better results for the child. After our sessions, our therapists will provide your child with homework. We hope that this is something you can complete together. Don’t worry; we will do our best to make it fun, quick, and easy!  Being an ACTIVE participant in your child’s therapy is the best way to support and help them succeed. 

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