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In addition to pediatric therapy services, Eats + Speaks also offers courses and groups for toddlers, children, and parents! Our courses and groups target specific skills to help parents and families gain knowledge and confidence in specific skill areas. 

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Eat + Play ~ Mother/Baby
+ Toddler Feeding Group 

This group is for mothers of babies and toddlers who are seeking community and support with breast, bottle, and solid feeding. Mothers are encouraged to join us and bring their children to play. There will be a speech and feeding therapist and certified lactation counselor on site to answer questions and help you trouble shoot any difficulties! A baby scale will be available for weighted feeds.

Mothers might consider attending this group if they are experiencing:

  • pain at the breast, baby is coughing/choking, frequent mastitis and/or clogged ducts

  • long bottle or breast feeds

  • weight gain issues 

  • concern with starting solids

  • concern with a picky eater 

  • stress at mealtimes

PARTICIPATION: Caregiver attendance and participation are necessary.


FEES: FREE but preregistration is required. 

LOCATION: 124 W 2nd Street Suite A Byron, IL 61010


September 12th at 11 am

October 17th at 11 am

November 14th at 11 am

December 5th at 11 am



Speak + Sign ~ Group Pop-up

Are you looking for ways to help your baby or toddler express their wants and needs, increase vocabulary, and reduce frustration? Sign language can help! This group is centered around supporting language development for early communicators ages 9 months to 3 years through sign and spoken language. Our curriculum will use American Sign Language to emphasize vocabulary used in daily activities (meal time, bath, play, etc) and help facilitate skills on the continuum of spoken language development. In addition to learning songs and interacting with other children, parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about their child's development with our licensed speech-language pathologist. Parents will also receive videos and resources to help carry over learned skills from group to home.


PARTICIPATION: Caregiver attendance and participation are necessary.


FEES: FREE but preregistration is required.

LOCATION: 124 W 2nd Street Suite A Byron, IL 61010


Monday, September 25th at 10 am

Monday, October 23rd at 10 am

Monday, November 20th at 4:30 pm

Monday, December 18th at 4:30 pm


Open Play Group

Join us each week for free play! This group is an unstructured play group that allows for babies and children of all ages to interact and play. 


PARTICIPATION: Caregiver attendance necessary.




LOCATION: 124 W 2nd Street Suite A Byron, IL 61010

Out of the Mouth of Babes ~ Course

Parent support related to bottles, breastfeeding, tongue-ties, and everything in between for babies up to 6 months of age!

Our parent-friendly course is designed to equip you with the knowledge to better understand how to support your baby's speech and feeding skills. In this course, you will:

  • Learn what is normal development

  • Discover what is common but not typical

  • Learn what every baby should be doing to ensure proper speech and feeding development

  • Receive tips to promote an easier transition to solids

  • Discover what is NEEDED for proper speech, feeding, and BRAIN development

  • Learn about the best teethers, bottles, and pacifiers.

  • Learn all about tongue ties and the implications of them

  • Get the insider info on what to do when your baby isn't latching properly

  • Discover what bottles, pacifiers, and spoons can harm your child's oral development

  • Gain the confidence to successfully advocate for your baby

  • Self-Paced course with lifetime access

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