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5 Must-Have Solid Feeding Products Recommended by Our Experts

With so many baby products on the market, deciding which ones to use can feel impossible. Whether it’s a family member recommending a product or another mom in a Facebook group, choosing the right fit for your child can feel overwhelming. We compiled a short list of the top 5 feeding products our speech-language pathologists recommend.

1. Dr. Brown’s Narrow Neck Bottles

Using bottles that are appropriate for the feeding stage you’re in with your baby is essential when bottle feeding. These are great because they allow baby to get a deep latch and work on a similar suck pattern as they would at the breast. No need to move past the level 1 nipple unless you have been advised by a licensed feeding professional.

2. Silverette Cups

Nipple pain can happen, and we love that Silverettes can help lessen pain while we get to the root of the issue. Place them in the refrigerator for relief!

3. Grabese Spoons and Forks

These guys are great for little hands because of the small handles. It makes independently loading the spoon or fork and bringing it to their mouth a tad bit easier as they are gaining the skill.

4. Grabese Straw Cup

Teaching your child to drink from a straw allows them to develop and use the muscles in and around their mouth, and helps develop a normal swallow pattern. Many straw cups come with very long straws that can impact this. We love the Grabese because the straw is shorter and helps prevent the straw from going too far into babies mouth and resting on their tongue. It also doubles as a nice open cup for baby to explore and learn open-cup drinking.

5. Abiie Highchair

Proper posture and adequate support are essential when your little one is learning to eat solids. It allows them to focus on the feeding skills they are learning instead of being in uncomfortable positions during mealtimes. This chair can be adjusted and used as a regular dining chair, making it versatile.

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