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Christmas Gift Guides

Are you looking for gifts for your little ones but have no idea what toys and activities are best for their development? Here are some last-minute ideas! Our therapists have put together a list for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to help you find toys that are amazing for your little one’s development but also things they will love. 



Teethers are a great option for babies, they’re small enough to toss a few in their stocking, and it’s something your child will get a lot of use out of. Our therapists recommend purchasing the Beckman triangle, comotomo teether or banana toothbrush. 

Indestructible books

Books that your child can’t destroy are always a good idea. They allow your child to chew and play with them without worrying about having to throw them away. Here are some books we recommend. 

Wooden Activity Centre

Activity centres are a great way to help your kiddo develop their speech. It gives them the opportunity to explore, play games, and learn in an interactive way.

Baby Safe Mirror

Mirrors help babies develop their visual senses.

Texture Multi-Ball Set

This set is great for babies because it allows them to explore their senses with touch and feel in a safe environment. 


Melissa & Doug  Sound Puzzles

Sound puzzles will help increase your child’s vocabulary in addition, it will help them learn how to match and with their comprehension. 

Bear Bubbles 

Bubbles encourage children to make certain sounds, plus they’re fun for kids to play with.

Farm set

Interactive gifts like farm sets let your little one learn about different animals and the sounds they make in a fun way.

Car Ramp

This toy will help your child learn functional words like up and down.


Wooden blocks

Help your preschooler explore and use their imagination while creating. 

Baby dolls 

Build social skills and will help increase your child’s vocabulary while they’re role playing.

Floor puzzles

They are fun and interactive. They allow children to think critically.

Learning resources 

Learning resources are a great way to help your child while they’re at home with you. They will guide you and provide you with educational content for your child. 

Jumbo Animals

Help children to use creative expression and sounds to explore the world around them. It gives them the opportunity to use their imagination.

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