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Easy-Peasy Protein Dip

Protein is one of the most important staples in our diet, and it plays a vital role in our bodies, yet most of us are not getting enough of it. If you’ve seen my reel recently, I talked about how I worked with Short And Sweet Nutrition to get on track with the food I was putting into my body.

Although it’s not always easy, intentionally focusing on the nutrients my body needs helps me be a better wife, mother, friend and business owner. I’ve also seen these changes in my children too!

Here are a few benefits of getting enough protein:

  1. It helps you feel fuller for longer

  2. Protein is the building block of your body.

  3. Improves mood and lessens the chance of several diseases.

I’ve created this easy-peasy dip that I (and, most importantly, my kids love). It only has 3 ingredients. As a mom, I know how important it is to keep things simple when it comes to eating.


  1. Nut butter of your choice ( Costco has a lot of great options)

  2. Milk of your choice

  3. Protein powder (we love Just Ingredients)

Mix them all together and cut up some apples, and you’ll have a nutritious snack you and your little ones can enjoy. To watch the video, click here.

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