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Starting Solids: Exploring the Best First Foods for Your Baby

Are you starting your solid feeding journey with your little one? This post is for you. We talk all things solid feeding, including the BEST foods to begin with.

Something important to remember is that ensuring your baby is ready is crucial. Signs of readiness include sitting up, holding their head up and an interest in foods. Remember that each child has their own unique journey when starting solid feeding. If you're looking for more tips like this one, check out our post, 5 Tips for Starting Solids: A Smooth Transition to Solid Feeding.

You’ll want to introduce a variety of textures and tastes when you start. If your child isn’t a fan of a particular food, don’t force it and let them explore. Leave it for now and try again another time.

1. Avocado

Avocados are packed with nutrients and are easy to mash. That’s why it’s an excellent food to start with when feeding solids. They’re creamy in texture, making them an easy choice when transitioning from liquid feeding to their solid feeding adventure. Long strips of avocado allow baby to grab on and begin chewing and mouthing. You can also mash it up to spoon feed, or spread on their tray for them to explore with their hands.

2. Sweet Potatoes

Babies and parents alike tend to love sweet potatoes because they’re easy to mash, taste good, and are jam-packed with nutrients. Therapists love them because they encourage oral motor development and are versatile for serving just like avocado!

3. Moist-cooked meats or fish

Yep, a little one can explore and begin to eat meat as early as 6 months. We want the meat to be moist and avoid dry meat. For this reason, we love delicious ground beef or pork, chicken thigh, or salmon.

4. Bananas

Bananas are another excellent option when starting solids. One of the reasons is that they are perfect finger foods for babies to work on their fine motor skills during mealtime.

5. Peas

Peas are a mighty vegetable that may not be the first food you think of when starting solids, but it is a great option. Peas have a lot of nutrition but also allow babies to work on their pincer grasp.

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