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Ultimate self-care guide for moms

In the hustle and bustle of motherhood, it's easy for moms to put their well-being on the back burner. Some days taking care of ourselves feels like it’s too much work. I’ve been there. Don’t worry – we’ve got a few really simple ideas that might make getting back to serving yourself a bit easier.

Morning Rituals: A Powerful Start to Your Day

The morning routine can be a wonderful thing, but unless you have the time, don’t feel like it has to be a full hour. Even a few minutes of deep belly breathing, a prayer, or making the bed can be powerful. 


If you find yourself not feeling like yourself, speaking with a therapist can be a huge relief. Each week you get time to process motherhood and be equipped with new ideas that can help you keep going each day. Many therapists can provide teletherapy which makes scheduling and getting to therapy so much easier.

Quality Sleep: A Non-Negotiable Component of Well-Being

Sleep can be such a tricky thing with little ones and is often not guaranteed. Even if we aren’t getting all the hours of sleep, doing our best to get good quality sleep can help so much. A few ideas to consider: 

  1. Leave your phone in another room. This will help you avoid using your phone right before bed or it being the first thing you pick up. 

  2. Consider prayer or meditation before bed. This can help ease your mind and nervous system, setting you up for a good night’s rest.  

  3.  Listen to binaural beats. This is a current favorite of mine! You can head to YouTube or another audio streaming device and find lots of options for stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, etc. It’s been wonderful for me! 

  4. Nasal hygiene is a biggie. As humans, we want to be breathing through our noses at night (and during the day). We are big fans of Xlear nasal spray to make sure you’re able to breathe through that nose before bed!

Proper Nutrition: Fueling Your Body and Mind

Most women are not eating enough protein. Speaking from experience here! :) Needs vary, but shooting for 30 grams of protein each meal can be a game changer. If you’re looking for more individualized support, we highly recommend support from Nichole or Megan at Short and Sweet Nutrition for all mamas. You won’t regret it! 

If you're looking for a quick and easy recipe, check out our Easy-Peasy Protein Dip.

In a world that’s telling you to do more, more, more. We are here to remind you to keep it simple, less is more. You’re doing a great job and are worth it!


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